Overview :: Equipment and Facility

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Production Facility

Diamond Fiberglass operates from its 35,000 square foot facility on an 11-acre site in Victoria, Texas working with only the best in fiberglass fabrication materials and equipment. Four acres of our facility is concrete lay down area.


Fiberglass Tank getting sprayedManufacturing Equipment and Engineering

Diamond Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) tanks and process vessels are manufactured using advanced Venus automatic chop-hoop filament winders, while raw material deposition on hydraulically rotated cantilever mandrels is regulated and recorded for use verification. 

Diamond uses low-pressure airless delivery of resin and glass to ensure uniform thickness with appropriate glass to resin ratios for optimum corrosion resistance and structural integrity. 

All Diamond vessels are computer designed for specific customer needs, while resins and reinforcing materials are carefully selected for the operating conditions of the vessels. 

Trucking and Delivery

Diamond maintains a fleet of specialized trailers to accommodate oversized loads and multiple vessel deliveries. Trailers are equipped with rail-type padded saddles to maximize protection of freight during delivery. 

Diamond employs only the best and most experienced drivers with top-notch driving safety records. Customers can rest assured that their Diamond delivered vessel will be protected during delivery.