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Large Diameter Shop Built Tank

Large Diameter Shop Built Tank
Field Installed

DIAMOND… Improving ROI
and Long Term Value

Drilling and completion fluid suppliers are turning to Diamond Fiberglass to supply large diameter storage vessels for these corrosive chemicals.   Oil based drilling mud, water based mud and heavy brine solutions are stored in welded or bolted steel tanks which are located near offshore operations.  Because the chemicals are aggressive to steel, the tanks are attacked from the inside while also being attacked from external corrosion due to the environment of the facility.

Many operators of the mixing and storage facilities are seeking higher long term value, longer service life and improved return on investment.   FRP storage tanks, designed properly, offer an attractive alternative to provide a higher return on investment.   Vessels can be customized for the storage application and also supplied with abrasion resistant corrosion liners to protect the inside of the tank.   FRP has the added benefit of corrosion protection on the external surface of the tank as there is no steel to rust from the salty air.