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Fiberglass Mix TankDiamond provides mix tanks for a variety of process applications which are engineered to the unique service requirements provided by the customer. 

These vessels can be designed with a range of features common for mix tanks including, leg and skirt supported dish bottoms and cone bottoms (120 degree or 90 degree), and open or closed tops. Vessels can also be supplied with accessories such as full drains, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or steel agitator supported bridges, mixing baffles and level indicators. 

For chemical reaction mix vessels, extreme care must be taken to prevent thermal shocking which can degrade the integrity of the corrosion liner in FRP tanks. Diamond understands the impact of uncontrolled exotherms and rates of reaction. The Company works with its customers to improve the service life of the vessel and reduce to the total cost of equipment ownership.