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Single Wall Storage TankSingle Wall Storage Tanks

Diamond Fiberglass, an ASME RTP-1 Certified Fabricator, offers single wall storage tanks to 14-feet in diameter. Volumes range from 100 gallons to 45,000 gallons, or more depending on customer needs and specifications.  

Single wall storage vessels are used in many different services, including corrosive chemicals, water (RO, DI, Potable, Raw Industrial, Waste, Brine), food products, oil and gas (produced water and drilling fluids) and more. Resin and materials are appropriately selected to meet the service requirements.

Vessels are engineered in-house and fabricated to meet designed loading criteria. Whether specified for seismic, wind, hydrostatic, pressure or vacuum needs, Diamond has the expertise to deliver the best tank for the money.

All Diamond vessels are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for filament winding and contact molding of fiberglass vessels, including: