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FIBREX - FRP Piping Systems

Diamond Fiberglass recently announced the closing of the asset acquisition of Fibrex Corporation., a composite chemical pipe, header systems and duct manufacturer. Fibrex will be integrated into Diamond Fiberglass. Read More »

Fibrex has been operating since 1982 and is a leading producer of FRP piping systems for the chlor-alkali industry with its line of IntegraLine™ and IntegraHeader™ products.  Fibrex also has extensive experience operating in the power, chemical and pulp and paper industries.  We specialize in engineer to order FRP piping systems, small-bore chemical pipe, large-bore recycle pipe and absorber spray header systems. 

Special engineered flanges, spray headers, access covers, scrubbers and stacks are all within our range of experience and capabilities.  Visit to Learn More »


  • Chlor-Alkali / Chemical Plants
  • Power Plants / Fule-gas Desulfurization
  • Industrial Water & Wastewater
  • Municipal Water & Wastewater
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Mining and Metal Production



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