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ASME RTP-1 Official Stamp is placed on the vessel's nameplate and registered with the National Board.ASME RTP-1 Overview

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a design code and standards setting body for many different products. ASME established the RTP-1 standard for fiberglass reinforced polymer vessels in 1989. The standard is widely held to be the most stringent and complete tool for qualifying fabricators specifying high quality FRP vessels. The standard establishes rules for:

  • End user and fabricator responsibilities
  • Materials of contruction
  • Design of vessels by rules and analysis
  • Fabrication details
  • Quality assurance
  • Fabricator qualification, accreditation and third party audit

The goals of the RTP-1 standard are to:

  • Provide for protection of life and property
  • Provide a margin of deterioration that allows for a reasonably long period of usefulness

Benfits of Using the RTP-1 Standard

When you use an ASME RTP-1 certified fabricator with the RTP-1 standard, you benefit through:

  • Risk Management -The standard is developed with input from expert stakeholders in the FRP industry and is overseen by a highly respected engineering organization, the ASME.
  • Fabricator Vetting -Accredited fabricators subject themselves to self audits and third party audits to ensure compliance with the requirements of the standard.

    Accredited fabricators have qualified laminators and secondary bonders that have fabricated and tested demonstration laminates to meet RTP-1 requirements.

  • Fabricator Compliance - Requiring the RTP-1 stamp on a vessel signifys the fabricators full compliance to the standard.

ASME RTP-1 Stamping vs. Non-stamping

When a vessel complies fully with the RTP-1 standard, it is eligible for stamping. Stamping the vessel signifies the vessel has met the requirements of the fabricator's ASME RTP-1 program. The vessel is uniquely numbered and the above symbol is affixed to the vessel. Further, the tank is registered with the National Board of Boiler's and Pressure Vessels.

Many clients are requesting vessels to be designed and fabricated to ASME RTP-1 but not stamped. While the full benefit of the RTP-1 program is achieved only by stamping, designing and fabrication to the standard without artifacting may be satisfactory if the client uses an ASME certified fabricator, such as Diamond, and has reviewed and approved the fabricator's quality assurance program.